by Steve K Carmody

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[Contact me at steve.k.carmody@gmail.com if you would like a physical copy of this album (a liner notes + lyrics booklet, and a beautiful turquoise audiocassette, tied up in string)]

This album I have the joy of sharing with you here took the love and care of many individuals beyond myself.

The images in these songs come largely from a trip I took across the country with my dear friend Annie in late August of 2012—a time when the bells still rang out clearly for me. I am so thankful for her companionship.

Creating Ring! depended on the work of four people: Tucker Dalton, Nupur Shridhar, Sam Adler-Bell and myself. Over the past year, the four of us have dedicated ourselves to playing our music together. I have learned from them how to share my songs with others, an act that brings joy and love to my life. Through their creative energy and effort, this album has taken on a beauty I could never have imagined at its inception. I am deeply grateful to Sam, Nupur, and Tucker.

I thank Benjy Brooke—whose graceful artwork you see here—for his support through the years in all things artistic. Finally, I am grateful to my family, who helped me cultivate the value in music-making I so cherish today.

This album is for you. Thank you for listening.

Love, Steve


released December 19, 2013

written by: Steve Carmody
performed by: Steve, Tucker Dalton,
Nupur Shridhar and Sam Adler-Bell
recorded and mixed by: Tucker
album art by: Benjy Brooke



all rights reserved


Steve K Carmody Providence, Rhode Island

Music born in Providence, RI.

Nupur Shridhar,
Tucker Dalton,
Sam Adler-Bell,
and Steve Carmody.

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Track Name: Canyon
I've got a life outside these windows,
and the Camry's out there runnin',
but your embrace, it lasts so long,
it lets me know

and I used to know the stars by name
til I left them for the city,
but the darkest night out in the West
will let me know

so rings, and rings, the altar bells,
if the priest would be so bold
to speak of its opposite,
he'd say the fear of losing grasp of the past

and if all it took was rustlin' pines
to get my heart to wakin',
then arise and start a fire
for coffee!

I may never see another canyon
beautiful as that one,
but at least I'll save this breathless thing
from mourning


see, I drew my thoughts on highway lines
on a map of northern Texas,
as if to grasp the passing time
and hold right on

when we arrived, a solemn light
still flickered in that valley,
but not til dawn would mountains rise
from shadow


sittin' on a lonely dock
and lookin' out from 'Frisco,
when on it came: the morning fog,
to hang around

and I flew back East, in anxious dream,
starin ' out the window,
as what had been the road ahead
was fading

Track Name: Purple Click-on Lighter
better pack, better set, headin’ West,
tuckered, beaten down, through and out,
awake and ring and ring and ring

and you drive, I'll drive, you'll drive some more
with a Snickers wrapper stickin’ to
that automobile floor

and if the day hadn't gone my way,
I'd still be staring at those headlights
off the bridge over I-95!

by the foundry's glowing fire,
where the shadows draw the night:
ain't it a damn thing
that the damned things got it right?

and who would dance in that cloud of dust
that your careful breath would then alight
in front of your half smile?

and is the door still bolted shut?
the wind has smoked the last three quarters
of my last cigarette

and I'm ready to sleep, there ain't much bleary-eyed choice,
an unfamiliar place to lay your head,
when I thought I heard there were voices!


so take me back to that valley of sin
and recast forgotten hallways
where my nightmares begin

and if someone were to light it on fire
with a purple click-on lighter,
well, the place would just burn

and still enough, as you peeled outta Dodge
that old bell would be ringin’,
as if it was sayin’ goodbye!


my favorite feeling terrifies me
when last night I've been drunk
and I awake and I am certain
I've committed some crime

so god-damned evil, that it scares me
and then the feeling subsides
and I am stuck inside the irony
that everything's fine

there's no help out there, no confession
for this kind of sin:
to have looked into the embers, eyes
captured by something below!

Track Name: Heavenward
I'm not lookin' for the answers,
I'm just waitin’ on that time
when a bell will ring and supper's served,
we'll gather 'round and thank the lord,
and I will wait til he is mine!

Jesus Christ had all the answers,
but they all swam in proph-a-sea,
til a bell rang out for the Son of Man,
and he broke bread and spread it ‘round,
and I will wait til he is mine!

for I am but a clangin’ cymbal,
for I am but a noisy gong,
if I don't fill my words with love
and let that ghost in from above,
and I will wait til he is mine!

we have cooked ourselves a dinner
and invited all our friends,
and we gather 'round, and Jess chimes in
with a simple prayer sent heavenward,
and I will wait til he is mine!

your golden crown will not serve you,
your silver tongue won't get you by,
if the bronze inside ain't tuned and true
with every god-damned part of you,
and I will wait til he is mine!
Track Name: Coda
caught ourselves again
gazing toward the future,
at particular moments
had been promised by the past
though we’d forgotten
what words were used

so ring and ring the altar bells:
what is promised here,
this much is certain,
to never fear losing grasp of the past