Purple Click​-​on Lighter

from by Steve K Carmody

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better pack, better set, headin’ West,
tuckered, beaten down, through and out,
awake and ring and ring and ring

and you drive, I'll drive, you'll drive some more
with a Snickers wrapper stickin’ to
that automobile floor

and if the day hadn't gone my way,
I'd still be staring at those headlights
off the bridge over I-95!

by the foundry's glowing fire,
where the shadows draw the night:
ain't it a damn thing
that the damned things got it right?

and who would dance in that cloud of dust
that your careful breath would then alight
in front of your half smile?

and is the door still bolted shut?
the wind has smoked the last three quarters
of my last cigarette

and I'm ready to sleep, there ain't much bleary-eyed choice,
an unfamiliar place to lay your head,
when I thought I heard there were voices!


so take me back to that valley of sin
and recast forgotten hallways
where my nightmares begin

and if someone were to light it on fire
with a purple click-on lighter,
well, the place would just burn

and still enough, as you peeled outta Dodge
that old bell would be ringin’,
as if it was sayin’ goodbye!


my favorite feeling terrifies me
when last night I've been drunk
and I awake and I am certain
I've committed some crime

so god-damned evil, that it scares me
and then the feeling subsides
and I am stuck inside the irony
that everything's fine

there's no help out there, no confession
for this kind of sin:
to have looked into the embers, eyes
captured by something below!



from Ring!, released December 19, 2013
steve - vocals, saxes, acoustic guitar
tucker - drums, bass, electric guitar
nupur - vocals
sam - electric guitar



all rights reserved


Steve K Carmody Providence, Rhode Island

Music born in Providence, RI.

Nupur Shridhar,
Tucker Dalton,
Sam Adler-Bell,
and Steve Carmody.

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